AmSec: The Amherst Security Meetup

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General Information

 What: Monthly meet up of security minded individuals with the purpose of having open 
       discussion about security related topics. Typically, we will have general theme for an
       evening to help spur some shared thought. Periodically someone might wish to informally
       present some work, or new work that is not yet acted on but just thinking about...
       this is encouraged and supported, but by no means required for this meet up. This is
       intended to be very informal and relaxed :-)
 When: 2nd Wednesday of the Month, 5PM or so..
Where: Amherst Brewing Company, Amherst, MA, USA 
  Why: Similar meetings occur in Boston, but that's a hike from Amherst. Further, with
       the individuals in the Amherst area, it is worth the while to take time for us to share
       knowledge and discuss new ideas. We may all work in different sub-fields of Security,
       but we all have a similar mindset.


December 10, 2014AFL and fuzzing of common tools, other??
November 12, 2014
October 8, 2014Silas Cutler on hacking YikYak and posting to GitMo
September 10, 2014Kate Pearce present her BlackHatUSA 2014 work on Multipath TCP breaking all sorts of stuff
August 2014No meeting
July 2014No meeting
June 11, 2014TrueCrypt Debacle
May 14, 2014Internet of Things (IoT)previous week was IoT week in MA per Devall Patrick
April 9, 2014OpenSSL Heartbleed bug
March 12, 2014Organizational / Meet & Greet


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